To craft (or fabricate) and can be done by using time, materials (reagents), specific tools, and a skill check.

  1. Before crafting, the creature must have the required tools, and proficiency in those tools. Also the creature must have the materials (reagents) before beginning crafting.
  2. After accepting to begin crafting the object, all reagents are consumed.
  3. After the time to craft is completed, the skill check is rolled using the tool proficiency (as default) or the specified skill.
  4. If the check passes, the object is fabricated successfully, if not, the object is not fabricated.
Name Crafting Time Skill Roll Object Fabricated Source
Craft: Animal Handling Potion 10 Min 10 Animal Handling Potion AAA
Craft: Arrow 1 Min 10 Arrow PG
Craft: Bolus of Focus 10 Min 10 Bolus of Focus AAA
Craft: Braveheart Remedy 10 Min 10 Braveheart Remedy AAA
Craft: Clockwork Firestarter 10 Min 10 Clockwork Firestarter NA
Craft: Clockwork Music Box 10 Min 10 Clockwork Music Box NA
Craft: Clockwork Toy 1 Hr 10 Clockwork Toy NA
Craft: Cut Gemstone 8 Hrs 10 NA
Craft: Delayed Death 24 Hrs 25 Delayed Death AAA
Craft: Fiend's Blood 24 Hrs 25 Fiend's Blood AAA
Craft: Healing Potion, Adept 1 Hr 15 Healing Potion, Adept NA
Craft: Healing Potion, Major 8 Hrs 20 Healing Potion, Major NA
Craft: Healing Potion, Minor 10 Min 10 Healing Potion, Minor NA
Craft: Heat Salve 1 Min 15 Heat Salve AAA
Craft: Holy Oil 10 Min 13 Holy Oil AAA
Craft: Holy Water (Flask) 1 Hr 10 Holy Water, Flask NA
Craft: Laughing Gas 10 Min 15 Laughing Gas AAA
Craft: Lunar Bane 24 Hrs 15 Lunar Bane AAA
Craft: Poison, Minor 10 Min 10 Poison, Minor NA
Craft: Possession Counteragent 1 Min 10 Possession Counteragent AAA
Craft: Potion of Distillation 10 Min 15 Potion of Distillation AAA
Craft: Protective Tincture 1 Hr 15 Protective Tincture AAA
Craft: Puppet Poison 10 Min 15 Puppet Poison AAA
Craft: Regeneration Potion, Adept 1 Hr 20 Regeneration Potion, Adept NA
Craft: Regeneration Potion, Minor 10 Min 15 Regeneration Potion, Minor NA
Craft: Self-Assuring Remedy 10 Min 15 Self-Assuring Remedy AAA
Craft: Shimmering Truth 10 Min 15 Shimmering Truth AAA
Craft: Simple Trap 1 Hr 10 Simple Trap NA
Craft: Slow Poison 1 Hr 15 Slow Poison AAA
Craft: Smelling Salt 1 Min 10 Smelling Salt AAA
Craft: Stinging Nettle Syrup 10 Min 10 Stinging Nettle Syrup AAA
Craft: Stop Poison 24 Hrs 17 Stop Poison AAA
Craft: Suggestion Gas 10 Min 15 Suggestion Gas AAA
Craft: Thunder Oil 1 Hr 15 Thunder Oil AAA
Craft: Veinfire 1 Hr 15 Veinfire AAA


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