Ability Roll Type Roll 1 Roll 2 Source
A King's Delicacy 1d8 NA
A Treat for a Queen NA
Aboleth Enslavement NA
Aboleth Psychic Drain 3d6 NA
Activate Mirror of Life Trapping NA
Additional Wizard Spells NA
Adept Aid 1d6 + [priest_level] NA
Adept Channel NA
Adept Restore 0d0 + 1 NA
Adjustable Size (Large) PG
Adult Black Dragon Breath Weapon 12d8 NA
Adult Blue Dragon Breath 12d10 NA
Adult Brass Dragon Breath Weapon - Fire 13d6 NA
Adult Bronze Dragon Breath Weapon - Lightning 12d10 NA
Adult Copper Dragon Breath - Acid 12d8 NA
Adult Gold Dragon Breath - Fire 12d10 NA
Adult Gold Dragon Breath - Weakening NA
Adult Green Dragon Breath - Poison 16d6 NA
Adult Silver Dragon Breath - Cold 13d8 NA
Adult White Dragon Breath - Cold 12d8 NA
Alchemical Protection NA
Alchemist Flame Thrower 2d4 NA
Align Notches on Orb of Gonging WDMM
All Will Burn PG
Alluring Performance NA
Amorphous Body NA
Ancient Blue Dragon Breath - Lightning 16d10 NA
Ancient Brass Dragon Breath - Fire 16d6 NA
Ancient Bronze Dragon Breath - Lightning 16d10 NA
Ancient Copper Dragon Breath - Acid 14d8 NA
Ancient Gold Dragon Breath - Fire 13d10 NA
Ancient Green Dragon Breath - Poison 22d6 NA
Ancient Might PG
Ancient Red Dragon Breath - Fire 26d6 NA
Ancient Silver Dragon Breath - Cold 15d8 NA
Ancient White Dragon Breath - Cold 16d8 NA
Androsphinx - First Roar NA
Androsphinx - Second Roar NA
Androsphinx - Third Roar 8d10 NA
Animate Boulders NA
Animate Chains NA
Ankheg Acid Spray 3d6 NA
Arcane Blast 1d10 NA
Arcane Bolt 8d6 NA
Arcane Repulsion NA
Ascendant Aspect UA
Ascendant Dragon Origin UA
Assembled Batteling Ram NA
Assembled Battleaxe NA
Assembled Climbing Pole NA
Assembled Flaming Sword NA
Assembled Sextant NA
Assembled Spear NA
Avatar of the Faith NA
Bag of Devouring Yum Yum Time NA
Ball Lightning NA
Balor Demon Summoning NA
Barrage 2d10 NA
Bashee Wail 3d6 NA
Battlefield Dominance NA
Beast Brand NA
Behir Lightning Breath 12d10 NA
Black Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Acid 5d8 NA
Blasphemous Word NA
Blessed Ground NA
Blessing Upon You 1d6 NA
Blinding Breath NA
Blinding Gaze NA
Blindsense NA
Blood Drain (Mist Form Only) 4d6 + 8 NA
Blood Offering to the Shadows 1d4 NA
Blood Pact 2d8 NA
Blood Vapor 6d10 LBH
Bloom of Life 0d0 + [druid_level] NA
Blow Horn of Blasting 5d6 NA
Blue Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Lightning 4d10 NA
Body Crush (6d20) 6d20 NA
Bolster Resolve 0d0 + [champion_level] NA
Bolster Summon [spirit]d8 NA
Bonus Proficiencies (College of Lore) NA
Bound Magic NA
Branded Beast Spirit Recall NA
Brass Dragon Breath Weapon - Sleep NA
Brass Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Fire 4d6 NA
Breath of the Dragon UA
Breath of Wasps NA
Bronze Dragon Breath Weapon - Repulsion NA
Bronze Dragon Wyrmling Lightning Breath 3d10 NA
Bulette Deadly Leap 3d6 + 4 3d6 + 4  NA
Bursting Arrow, Master 4d6 PG
Bursting Arrow, Minor 2d6 PG
Call Dragons NA
Call of Valhalla | Brass 3d4 + 3 NA
Call of Valhalla | Bronze 4d4 + 4 NA
Call of Valhalla | Iron 5d4 + 5 NA
Call of Valhalla | Silver 2d4 + 2 NA
Call to Attack NA
Calm Mind NA
Captivating Performance NA
Catchy Performance NA
Change Shape NA
Change Shape, Flawed NA
Channel Divinity (2/rest) NA
Channel Divinity (3/rest) NA
Channel Divinity: Preserve Life 0d0 + 5*[cleric_level] NA
Channel Divinity: Summon Duplicate NA
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead NA
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead (1 CR) NA
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead (1/2 CR) NA
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead (2 CR) NA
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead (3 CR) NA
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead (4 CR) NA
Channel Negative Energy NA
Charm of Cold Resistance NA
Charming Gaze NA
Chicanary NA
Children of the Night NA
Chosen NA
Cloaker Moan NA
Close Eversmoking Bottle NA
Command Rope of Entanglement NA
Compel Demon NA
Conjure Longsword PG
Conjure Pact Tailsman TCE
Conjure Witch Talisman: Amulet NA
Conjure Witch Talisman: Anthame NA
Conjure Witch Talisman: Focus NA
Conjure Witch Talisman: Headpiece NA
Conjure Witch Talisman: Ring NA
Construct Smiter NA
Copper Dragon Breath - Slow NA
Copper Dragon Wyrmling Acid Breath 4d8 NA
Copy Spellbook NA
Countercharm NA
Create Ice Sculpture NA
Create Specter NA
Create Star Map TCE
Curse of Lycanthropy NA
Custom Ability NA
Cutthroat NA
Cutting Cord 0d0 + [bard_level] NA
Daern's Instant Fortress Summon Attack 10d10 NA
Dance of Death NA
Deadly Rebuke WDMM
Deafening Thunder NA
Deafening Thunderclap NA
Deafening Voice NA
Death Glare 10d10 NA
Defensive Tactics NA
Deft Explorer NA
Demoralizing Shout 1d6 NA
Deployable NA
Derendian Moth Lay Egg NA
Destroy Undead (CR 1) NA
Destroy Undead (CR 1/2) NA
Destroy Undead (CR 2) NA
Destroy Undead (CR 3) NA
Destroy Undead (CR 4) NA
Destroying Bag of Devouring NA
Discorporate NA
Disengage NA
Dismiss Branded Beast NA
Dismiss Daern's Instant Fortress NA
Disrupt Life 6d6 NA
Distract NA
Distrupt the Unholy Hit NA
Divine Dread NA
Divine Healing 1d10 + [priest_level] NA
Divine Steed NA
Dodge NA
Down to Hell 15d10 8d8  NA
Draconic Breath [spirit]d6 NA
Draconic Disciple UA
Draconic Greed NA
Draconic Immunity NA
Draconic Lore NA
Draconic Plane Strider NA
Draconic Senses NA
Draconic Tail 8d10 NA
Draconic Wing Buffet 8d8 NA
Dragon Turtle Steam Breath 15d6 NA
Draining Kiss 5d10 NA
Draining Melody 4d10 LBH
Dreamwalker LBH
Drink Bead of Refreshment NA
Druid Circles NA
Dump Magic Beans NA
Dust Cloud NA
Dust of Dryness Attack 10d6 NA
Dybbuk Possess Corpse + 20 NA
Earth Elemental Myrmidon Thunderous Strike 4d10 NA
Eat Bead of Nourishment NA
Elder Brain Mind Blast 5d10 + 5 NA
Eldritch Weapon Bond PHB
Elemental Whirlwind 3d8 + 2 NA
Embolding Fury NA
Encouraging Performance 2d4 + [soul] NA
Enemy Detection NA
Entangling Vines NA
Ethereal Stride NA
Ettercap Web NA
Euphoria Breath NA
Exemption NA
Exhaustive Use NA
Expell NA
Explosive Bolt 5d6 NA
Faint Echos from the Titans NA
Favored Enemy (Aberrations) NA
Favored Enemy (Beasts) NA
Favored Enemy (Celestials) NA
Favored Enemy (Constructs) NA
Favored Enemy (Dragons) NA
Favored Enemy (Elementals) NA
Favored Enemy (Fey) NA
Favored Enemy (Fiends) NA
Favored Enemy (Giants) NA
Favored Enemy (Monstrosities) NA
Favored Enemy (Oozes) NA
Favored Enemy (Plants) NA
Favored Enemy (Undead) NA
Feral Swarm 4d6 4d4  PG
Fetid Cloud NA
Fey Agitation PG
Fey Delirium PG
Fiery Strikes 2d6 NA
Fire Breath, Minor 2d6 NA
Fire Spray 3d6 NA
Flames of The Abyss 6d6 NA
Flexible Casting NA
Flight of the Damned 8d8 NA
Freezing Blast PG
Frightening Gaze NA
Frightening Shout NA
Gem of Infinite Power Attunement 20d12 NA
Gemfinder PG
Genie Wishes NA
Giant Body Slam 1d12 + [body] NA
Giant Frog Swallow 2d4 NA
Giant Toad Swallow 3d6 NA
Giant's Bane NA
Gift of Vengeance WDMM
Gold Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Fire 4d10 NA
Gold Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Weakening NA
Great Weapon Master: Heavy Swing AAA
Greater Healing NA
Green Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Poison 6d6 NA
Gulthias Tree Poison Breath 6d6 PG
Half-Red Dragon Veteran Breath - Fire 7d6 NA
Healing Surge NA
Healing Touch (2d8) 2d8 + 2 NA
Healing Touch (4d8) 4d8 + 2 NA
Healing Touch (6d8) 6d8 + 3 NA
Healing Touch (8d8) 8d8 + 4 NA
Heart Sight NA
Heavenly Bolt 15d10 NA
Heavy Snow NA
Hell Hound Breath - Fire 6d6 NA
Help NA
Hide NA
Holy Nimbus 0d0 + 10 NA
Honest Chance NA
Horror Nimbus NA
Human Proficiency NA
Hurl Through Hell 10d10 NA
Ice Box NA
Ice Mephit Breath - Cold 2d4 NA
Icey Touch LBH
Icon of Darkness 1d10 + 20 NA
Immolation of the Unclean 1d10 PG
Immovable Item NA
Inanimate Possession NA
Incorporeal Movement LBH
Infernal Command NA
Inferno of Ivona PG
Ink Cloud NA
Inner Power (1) PG
Inner Power (2) PG
Inner Power (3) PG
Inner Power (4) PG
Inner Power (5) PG
Inner Power (6) PG
Inner Power (7) PG
Inner Power (8) PG
Inner Power (9) PG
Insect Cloud NA
Insidious NA
Intimidating Shout NA
Intuit Direction PG
Iron Golem Breath - Poison 10d8 NA
Jarring Cord 2d8 NA
Kraken Ink Cloud 3d10 NA
Lashing Root 3d6 NA
Legendary Caster NA
Life Domain (Divine Strike) (2d8) 2d8 NA
Light of Isha 10d10 NA
Lightning Flare 4d6 NA
Lightning Hit NA
Lightning Strike NA
Living Sundial PG
Magma Reservoir 10d10 PG
Major Impediment NA
Many Faces NA
Mask of the Wild NA
Mass Adept Invisibility PG
Mass Mind Break 5d8 NA
Master Divine Calling NA
Master Doffer NA
Master of Enchantment PG
Master of the Sun NA
Master of the Tower of the Horn NA
Master Restore 0d0 + 5 NA
Master Spiritual Rejuvenation NA
Meditation 0d0 + [monk_level] NA
Medusa Petrifying Gaze NA
Mind Blast 4d8 + 4 NA
Mind Break [psi]d4 NA
Mind Mastery NA
Mind Meld NA
Minor Blessing of Omus PG
Minor Divine Calling NA
Minor Impediment NA
Mirror Life Trap NA
Molder of Illusion PG
Molder of Illusion - Copy NA
Monstrosity Brand NA
Mounting Despair LBH
Move Sphere of Annihilation 4d10 NA
Murmur NA
Natural Recovery NA
Naturally Stealthy NA
Nightmare Haunting 1d10 NA
No Blade Can Harm Me NA
Now You See Me NA
Nullify Retaliation NA
Oath Spells NA
Obscurement of Ivona 3d8 PG
Octopus Ink Cloud NA
One with Shadow ToB2
Open Eversmoking Bottle NA
Open Portable Hole NA
Open Rift to the Abyss 8d6 NA
Open Rift to the Heavens 8d6 NA
Panic NA
Pentadrone Paralysis Gas NA
Perfect Pitch NA
Petrifying Breath NA
Petrifying Gaze NA
Plant Magic Bean NA
Poltergeist Telekinetic Thrust 3d6 NA
Possession NA
Power from Blood NA
Power Strike NA
Presence of Mind NA
Protective Aura NA
Psi Charm NA
Psi Deception NA
Psi Dominate NA
Psi Field NA
Psi Gaes NA
Psi Hold Monster NA
Psi Hold Person NA
Psi Mass Suggestion NA
Psi Mind Stun NA
Psi Modify Memory NA
Psi Plane Shift NA
Psi Sending NA
Psi Suggestion NA
Psi Time Stop NA
Psychic Crush 3d6 NA
Psychometry NA
Pull Gray Fuzzy NA
Pull Rusty Fuzzy NA
Pull Tan Fuzzy NA
Quaal's Feather Token, Anchor Ship NA
Quell the Flame PG
Quenching Haven NA
Quick Study: Transmutation PG
Rage of Ivona 2d8 PG
Rapid Trap NA
Rapido NA
Rapture NA
Ready NA
Rebuke [priest_level]d4 NA
Recall Branded Beast NA
Recalled Tales of Old NA
Red Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Fire 7d6 NA
Refocus NA
Reforestation NA
Regain Spell Slot (3rd) NA
Release Trapped Soul NA
Relief NA
Remorhaz Swallow 6d6 NA
Rescue NA
Restore Plant 10d10 NA
Restore Summon 10d10 NA
Retractable Blade PG
Retributive Strike NA
Retrieve item from bag of holding NA
Reverse Enchantment NA
Ricochet Hit NA
Roaring Performance NA
Rolling Rock 3d10 + 6 NA
Rotten Fate 8d8 + 60 NA
Rust Monster Antennae NA
Sacred Weapon NA
Sacrifice Life 3d8 + 5 NA
Saftey in the Sands NA
Salt Burst 3d6 NA
Sand Armor NA
Sand Blast 1d8 NA
Sand Whirlpool 3d12 NA
Sandslash NA
Savage Bellow NA
Scare NA
Searing Burst 4d6 4d6  NA
Seeing Double NA
Seeping Venom Blade NA
Seismic Slam 3d10 NA
Sense Black Dragons NA
Sense Blue Dragons NA
Sense Brass Dragons NA
Sense Bronze Dragons NA
Sense Copper Dragons NA
Sense Emotions NA
Sense Gold Dragons NA
Sense Green Dragons NA
Sense Magic NA
Sense Red Dragons NA
Sense Silver Dragons NA
Sense White Dragons NA
Serenity NA
Shackle Creature with Dimensional Shackles NA
Shadow Breath 16d6 NA
Shambling Mound Digest 2d8 NA
Shared Invisibility NA
Shifting Skin PG
Shimmering Shield NA
Shocking Retribution NA
Shooting Stars NA
Shrieker Shriek NA
Shuffle of the Planes NA
Silver Dragon Breath Weapon - Paralyzing NA
Silver Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Cold 4d8 NA
Silver Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Paralyzing NA
Song from the Crafter NA
Song of Future Secrets NA
Song of Haunting NA
Song of Mighty Doom 0d0 + 10 NA
Song of Recovery 1d8 + [spellcasting_essence] NA
Song of Rest (d10) 1d10 NA
Song of Rest (d12) 1d12 NA
Song of Rest (d8) 1d8 NA
Song of the Builders NA
Song of the Rat Swarm NA
Songs of the Mind NA
Sonic Boom 3d10 NA
Sonic Scream 2d6 NA
Soothing Clouds 0d0 + 3*[monk_level] NA
Soul Prison PG
Spew Spider Web NA
Spirit Well NA
Spiritual Rejuvenation NA
Spit Fire 2d8 NA
Steam Breath 1d8 NA
Stone Golem Slow NA
Storm Giant Lightning Strike 12d8 NA
Storm Giant Thunderous Stomp 6d10 NA
Strike of Boreas 2d8 NA
Student of the Arcane NA
Stunning Screech NA
Stygian Breath 12d6 NA
Summon Daern's Instant Fortress NA
Summon Djinni NA
Summon Minor Tree Spirit NA
Summon Minor Tree Spirits 0d0 + 3 NA
Summon Oak Tree NA
Summon Sandworm NA
Summon Staff Python NA
Suppression NA
Swarm Consciousness LBH
Telepathic Probe NA
Terrifying Glare NA
Terrifying Presence NA
Terror of the Dragon NA
The 9 Devils NA
The Devil's Frightening Gaze NA
The Devil's Summon NA
The Dragon's Breath 3d6 NA
The Fey's Summon PG
The Final Song 6d8 NA
The Rumbling NA
Throw Bead of Force NA
Throw Dodecahedron of Doom WDMM
Throw Dust of Sneezing and Choking NA
Thunder and Lightning NA
Tinker NA
Tit for Tat LBH
Tongue (20) NA
Touch of the Archdruid NA
Touch of the Archmage NA
Touch of the Wild NA
Tunnel Spotter NA
Turn the Unholy NA
Ultroloth Hypnotic Gaze NA
Umbral Shroud PG
Undying Wisdom AAA
Unimpeded NA
Unmistakable Urges PG
Unwooed NA
Unworthy Mortal Minds Attunment NA
Uplifiting Performance NA
Use Iron Flask NA
Use Keoghtom's Ointment 2d8 + 2 NA
Vampire Gaze NA
Veritas Seeker NA
Vibrating Performance 2d10 NA
Void Conduit NA
Volley NA
Vrock Spores 1d10 NA
Water Elemental Whelm 2d8 + 4 NA
Weird Insight NA
Whelming Water NA
Whirlwind Attack NA
White Dragon Wyrmling Breath - Cold 5d8 NA
Wild Companion NA
Wildshift NA
Wind Step (old) SKT
Winds of the Ariessian 2d4 NA
Wings of the Primal Tender NA
Witches Evil Eye NA
Witches Familiar NA
Withering Gaze 4d10 NA
Withering Hit NA
Woodlands Staff Tree Form NA
Write Spell into Spellbook NA
Wyvren Blast 4d6 NA
X-Ray Vision NA
Yield NA
Young Black Dragon Breath - Acid 11d8 NA
Young Blue Dragon Breath - Lightning 10d10 NA
Young Brass Dragon Breath - Fire 12d6 NA
Young Brass Dragon Breath - Slow NA
Young Bronze Dragon Breath - Lightning 10d10 NA
Young Copper Dragon Breath - Acid 9d8 NA
Young Copper Dragon Breath - Slow NA
Young Gold Dragon Breath - Fire 10d10 NA
Young Gold Dragon Breath - Weakening NA
Young Green Dragon Breath - Poison 12d6 NA
Young Silver Dragon breath - Cold 12d8 NA
Young Silver Dragon Breath - Paralyzing NA
Young White Dragon Breath - Cold 10d8 NA


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